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"There were several leaks in the house I just bought. Pete came out, gave the house a quick once over, and sent me an estimate. I'd gotten 4 total, his was about in the middle, 2nd to lowest. He'd come recommended whereas the others I'd pulled from online, so I went with him...and I wasn't sorry. They ripped off 3 layers of old roofing, including the original wood shingles, in about 3 hours. By the end of the first day, they had the base work done and had shingles started on half the roof. The second day they finished and did the gutters. By 4:30 when I walked outside to take a look they were cleaning up.

They'd replaced the vents and flashing and painted it to match the roof perfectly, and they went out of their way to San Jose to find gutters that matched the trim on my house.

The workers were clean and polite. The work was fast, looks great, and final cost matched the estimate. We haven't had any rain yet, but I don't have any concerns about the quality of the work."

Eric H.
"Maciel roofing did quality work at a reasonable price. We had some dry rot and they fixed in a timely manner. They are a family owned company and are friendly."

Christina Y.
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